Late Ganpatrao Supadu Varade Private I.T.I.


    Industrial Training Institutes play a vital role in economy of the country especially in terms of providing skilled manpower. Trades in large number of it is both in government and private sector, were affiliated by NCVT long time back. There has been a strong feedback from the industry that these it is urgently need to upgrade the training infrastructure in tune with change in syallabus of trade(s) prescribed by NCVT to meet demand of industry. Therefore, in the year 2011, NCVT decided that henceforth affiliation to it is would br granted for five years only and all the ITIs ,which were affiliated before five years,would be affiliated afresh.

    The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has introducednew affiliation/accreditation norms to reinvigorate the ITI ecosystem by emphasising on its qualitative aspect. These 13,000+ ITIs spread across India offer hands-on technical and skill training churning out a large number of employable youth. The new norms aim to ensure that the procedural and civil norms are strictly adhered to in all the existing and new ITIs to curb the mushrooming of unauthorized institutes across India and to improve the overall quality of these institutes.

Main salient features of the new affiliation norms for ITIs are:

Detail Affialiation norms for ITI 2018 :- Click here to open ( NCVT Affiliation norms ITIs - 2018)

Details of Trade's and Units started and Affiliated

    Muktainagar Taluka Education Society (Formerly Edalabad Taluka Education Society, The Name of Edalabad Village changed to Muktainagar as per Govt Gazette date 9/9/1997) has started New Private Industrial Training Institute, from August 1990 vide G.R. Letter No- TSA-1090/CR-557/T.E.-4 Date 30/7/1990.

          ITI has got permission for running trades with permission number and also got affiliation number. The details of that permission number and affiliation number unitwise is given as below.

Sr.No.TradesUnitsStarting YearPermission No. with Permission LetterAffiliation No. with Affiliation LetterRemarks
1Electrician1st UnitAug-90PKN/k-1/New Institute/90/7873DGET.6(affi.)/92-TC
Date 16-08-1990Date 16/07/1992
2nd UnitAug-91PKN/k-1/Pravesh/91/5875DGET.6(affi.)/92-TC
Date 27/06/1991Date 16/07/1992
3rd UnitAug-95PKN/k-1/95/7191DGET.12/01/1998-TC
Date 05/08/1995Date 01/07/1998 (51/138)
4th UnitAug-96PKN/k-1/96/10095DGET.12/01/1998-TC
Date 20/08/1996Date 01/07/1998 (51/138)
5th UnitAug-08G.R.No.ITI-2008(264/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 17/05/2008Date 20/03/2009 (4/16)
6th UnitAug-09G.R.No.ITI-2008(580/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 13/08/2008Date 24/06/2009 (7/23)
2Wireman1st UnitAug-90PKN/k-1/New Institute/90/7873DGET.6(affi.)/92-TC
Date 16-08-1990Date 16/07/1992
2nd UnitAug-91PKN/k-1/Pravesh/91/5875DGET.6(affi.)/92-TC
Date 27/06/1991Date 16/07/1992
3D’man Civil1st UnitAug-90PKN/k-1/New Institute/90/7873
Date 16-08-1990—-
2nd UnitAug-91PKN/k-1/Pravesh/91/5875Trade Closed
Date 27/06/1991—-
4Fitter1st UnitAug-92PKN/k-1/92/5446DGET.12/01/1997-TC
Date 23/06/1992Date 18/06/1997 (11/32)
2nd UnitAug-93PKN/k-1/93/6919DGET.12/02/1997-TC
Date 03/07/1993Date 18/06/1997 (11/32)
3rd UnitAug-95PKN/k-1/95/7191DGET.12/02/1997-TC
Date 05/08/1995Date 18/06/1997 (11/32)
4th UnitAug-96PKN/k-1/96/10095DGET.12/02/1997-TC
Date 20/08/1996Date 16/10/1997 (81/242)
5th UnitAug-97PKN/k-1/97/Jatu/10385DGET.12/01/1998-TC
Date 28/10/1997Date 24/02/1998 (42/110)
6th UnitAug-98PKN/k-1/98/7537DGET.12/01/1999-TC
Date 23/07/1998Date 25/06/1999 (82/241)
7th UnitAug-07G.R.No.ITI-2007(230/07)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2008-TC
Date 07/08/2007Date 26/06/2008 (1/2)
8th UnitAug-08G.R.No.ITI-2008(264/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 17/05/2008Date 20/03/2009 (4/16)
9th UnitAug-09G.R.No.ITI-2008(580/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 13/08/2008Date 24/06/2009 (7/23)
10th UnitAug-16G.R.No.ITI-2012(PK.14)Vya.shi.-3DGET.12/1/2015-TC
DateDate 23/06/2015
11th UnitAug-16G.R.No.ITI-2012(PK.14)Vya.shi.-3DGET.12/1/2015-TC
DateDate 23/06/2015
5Welder1st UnitAug-92PKN/k-1/92/5446DGET.12/01/1999-TC
Date 23/06/1992Date 25/06/1999 (82/241)
2nd UnitAug-97PKN/k-1/97/8572DGET.12/01/1999-TC
Date 05/09/1997Date 25/06/1999 (82/241)
3rd UnitAug-07G.R.No.ITI-2007(230/07)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2008-TC
Date 07/08/2007Date 26/06/2008 (1/2)
6Diesel Mechanics1st UnitAug-96PKN/k-1/96/10095
Date 20/08/1996—-Trade Closed
7Turner1st UnitAug-08G.R.No.ITI-2008(264/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 17/05/2008Date 19/02/2009 (4/6)
2nd UnitAug-09G.R.No.ITI-2009(60/09)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2009-TC
Date 02/03/2009Date 24/06/2009 (7/23)
8Machinist1st UnitFeb-11G.R.No.ITI-2008(264/08)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2010-TC
Date 17/05/2008Date 13/10/2010 (2/8)
2nd UnitAug-11G.R.No.ITI-2011(PK.11)Vya.shi.-2DGET.12/01/2011-TC
Date 25/03/2011Date 30/06/2011 (6/24)
3rd UnitAug-16G.R.No.ITI-2012(PK.14)Vya.shi.-3DGET.12/1/2014-TC
DateDate 08/09/2014


According to these instructions above given for affiliation our institute has applied for reaffiliation process for all trades and got reaffiliation on dated 23/06/2015 having order number DGT-12/01/2015-TC Dated 23/06/2015.